Brand Fitting

While here at Tiger Feet we believe having your child’s feet measured professionally on a regular basis is important, we know that there are times when this just isn’t possible.  We have, therefore compiled this list to help you find the best brand based on our own experience in fitting. We hope this helps, however if you do still have any questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01383

Chipmunks: Chipmunks wellies are slightly large fitting, but slippers are true to

Geox: Geox trainers, boots and shoes run slightly small so we often go up a

Lelli Kelly: Lelli Kelly run short so we invariably go up a size.

Lurchi: Lurchi generally fit a narrow foot.

Petasil: Petasil suit a narrow and average foot and are true to size in terms of length

Primigi: Primigi run a bit wide but are true to size length wise

Ricosta: Ricosta shoes suit a narrower foot and can be shorter in length

ShoesMe: Shoesme are an average fit and we fit to the size we measure

Sketchers: Sketchers are a wider fit and are short so sometimes we go up a size

Start Rite: Startrite fit true to size.

Superfit: Superfit suit slim feet and are generous in length.

Vans: Vans are slightly wider than average and run short in length. We often go up a size.