General Information About Shoes

Whatever the season, we’ve got it covered

Looking good and feeling great – and ready for anything! Our children’s shoes come in a range of top brands, styles and sizes – including narrow, standard, wide and extra wide fittings – with comfort and style in mind. Browse our collection to find the perfect footwear for your little one’s feet.

Footwear for boys

Children are active little people who are always on the go. A pair of fashionable shoes will ensure they have appropriate footwear for a range of activities.

The boys shoes we have to offer range from:

European sizes 18 – 40, UK sizes 2 – 7

Footwear for Girls

A collection of beautiful shoes for girls are available for a variety of occasions. All of the shoes we offer are unrivalled quality and design. Just the thing to delight your little one.

The girls  shoes we have to offer range from:

European sizes 18 – 40, UK sizes 2 – 7

Back to school footwear

The incredible range of school-appropriate footwear we provide is available in a full suite of sizes and brands. Available for children of all ages, these hardwearing shoes start from just £36. The sizes we have to offer range from European 25 to 42 which is the equivalent of UK children’s size 7 ½ to adult size 8.

Pre-walkers and first shoes

We recommend that you buy your child’s first pair of shoes when they are walking confidently and ready to walk outdoors. While your child is learning to walk, let them walk around the house barefoot. This enables their feet to develop without any restrictions from shoes or socks. Your child’s balance and coordination will be better if they can feel the ground directly beneath their bare feet.

We have pre-walker shoes for when your child is crawling and beginning to walk. These are soft-soled shoes which help support the foot and ankle while still allowing growth and development.

We will carry out the usual checks and assessments when fitting all pre-walkers and if in the event we feel your child is not ready for shoes, then we will recommend you wait a little while until there is some further development.

We have a range of excellent first shoes for your child. They have flexible soles to allow their feet to move in the most natural way. These shoes are soft, comfortable and help to develop your children’s feet as well as offer support. They will be fitted with a high standard of care as are all of our shoes.

It is recommended that they are checked every 4 – 6 weeks to ensure growth is not missed and we can spot when new shoes are needed before causing problems with the toes. You would be very unlucky to need new shoes that often but regularly checking is highly recommended up to the age of 5.